We also take care of your numbers, including Analytics, Budgeting, Forecasting, Variation Analysis, Trends, Accounting, Finance, Taxes, Planning, P&L Comparison, Balance Sheet, Margins, Pricing, Cost Reductions, ROI, KPI, and a whole lot more. We’ll help you achieve your goals and solve the next big thing.

Analytics, Planning, Budgeting, Reporting and Business Building

Why is Analytics Important to my Business?

Business analytics can be a valuable resource when proposing a critical strategic decision. Organizations that welcome data and analytics initiatives can experience meaningful financial returns.

What we Measure, Track & Analyze

Web analytics provide intelligence to create a better user experience for website visitors. Understanding customer metrics is also key to optimizing. It’s a powerful resource for any business or organization by monitoring potential customers interaction with your website. We tailor their experience to increase sales, clicks and conversions.

  • Audience – number of users and sessions including duration, avg. pages, new and returning visitors & bounce rate.
  • Acquisition – organic vs paid, Google ads & search consoles

  • Behavior – newsletter opens, avg time on page, top queries in search, top landing pages & AdSense revenue

  • Ecommerce – CTR (click through rate), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition), AOV (average order value)

  • Shopping Cart – Funnel or Flywheel, conversion rate, avg order value, cart abandonment & product reviews

  • Customer – CSAT (customer satisfaction), VOC (voice of Customer) Retention Rate, lifetime value & margins

  • Social Media Engagement – followers, reactions, shares & SPT (segmentation, product, targeting)

Teamwork at Cahoople

Cahoople Effectively Engages Customers to Your Brand.

At Cahoople, we will develop and execute effective marking and advertising initiatives, ensuring your return on investment is strong while meeting the organization’s goals. Customers and users spend time on many different platforms, and we come up with fresh, innovative ideas to touch the hearts and minds of your customers. We’re consistently ahead of the curve with cutting-edge marketing technology and advertising strategies to grow your brand!

Social Media Growth

We’ll manage and grow your brand’s social media presence on all channels and expect to see rapid growth in your social media engagement

Marketing Technology (MarTech)

MarTech is a grouping of technologies that we leverage to conduct and improve your marketing campaigns.

Successful Websites

Maximizing your potential with fast loading eye-catching websites including ecommerce, blogs, landing pages and optimized to brings in more prospects

Great Content

Cahoople provides high performance, high quality content creation that invokes new customers and sustainability.

Live Chats & Customer Service

Cahoople can provide you a fully managed chat or chatbot for your business or organization. Your customers will always have the answers they need.

Media Production

We design and produce captivating video and audio for your organization including presentations, podcasts, social media, webinars and for sales tools

Search Advertising

SEM is most important to generate web traffic and complements SEO and gets your brand on top. We’ll get you there while maximizing your ROI

Analytics & Growth Marketing

We’ll help you achieve your goals and solve the next big thing. We analyze the analytics and show you how to grow your business.

Growing Your Ecommerce

Our eCommerce approach is better then anyone else as we focus on the science of eCommerce with strategies that surpass all others.

Branding Extreme / Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a make-or-break for your brand and we can help you minimize poor experiences and optimize the loyalty factors.

Press Release that Work

Cahoople writes compelling press releases (PR) that creates a memorable, timely, and newsworthy story and we’ll get it to the right people

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It’s not just about business. It’s your life. Your passion. Your story. Cahoople brings your dream to the forefront with our experienced team. When it comes to marketing, your connection with potential clients and customers is the foundation of first-class results. Because it’s more than business – it’s you.






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